Monday, 20 July 2015

What to Look For in a Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

If you have started shopping around for new commercial-grade cleaning equipment, you may be amazed by the wide range of walk-behind floor scrubber models. Some have rather compact sizes with a basic design, while others are larger and have more features to consider. As you will be using this equipment in your business for years to come, you would understandably want to make a wise and informed decision. 

Features That Deliver Results

When selecting a walk-behind floor scrubber for industrial or commercial use, consider the different features. Some would have an on-board charger, a larger water tank, different types of brushes, adjustable speeds, and more. Determine which features you need and want, as well as which features may not benefit you. By doing so, you can quickly narrow down the options to make a better buying decision. 

User-Friendly Design

In addition, consider the design of the equipment. Factors related to ergonomics, equipment height and weight, and ease of access to the various controls and features will impact how quickly and easily your team can scrub the floor. This ultimately can affect productivity in your facility. 

Each walk-behind floor scrubber model is unique in certain respects. As you compare your options, keep these points in mind so you can purchase the floor scrubber that is best suited for your facility. 

Monday, 13 July 2015

Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Boost Profits

Every business owner wants to find ways to increase productivity while lowering the costs to do so. You want to ensure that nothing else suffers in your day-day operations, such as product or service quality, staff morale, or customer satisfaction. Any combination of multiple ideas can prove effective in this task.

The most common way to lower costs is to cut back where possible without hurting the business. Eliminate whatever you see fit, such as break room extras, energy usage, copy and printing limitations, or staff layoffs. It may seem like you are suffering without what your company is used to, but in time, you will realize you did the right thing.

Another effective option is to change the way you run things in such a way that you do tasks more efficiently with less time, cost and effort. When it comes to cleaning floors, for example, you can use industrial floor cleaning machines to help you clean more ground in less time. A clean workplace encourages worker productivity, and is a great sight for prospects and clients alike.

Whatever route you take, it is important for your business to be running at its highest capacity. Making the smart choices─ starting with your cleaning efforts─ will ensure that this happens.  Make those changes today.