Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Start a Biz with Industrial Sweepers and Scrubbers

Current trends show that that there is an ever-growing demand for commercial cleaning. In fact, in the cleaning industry, around 31% of all jobs are assigned to office buildings and business establishments.

If you’re planning to set up your own cleaning service, you surely won’t run out of clients who need your expertise. Offices, corridors, warehouses, parking lots, function halls, and more -- all these will require labor-intensive tidying that must be completed in a short span of time.

Investing in the Right Tools

Your commercial cleaning biz can gain an advantage when you choose the right models of industrial sweepers and scrubbers. These types of cleaning equipment will allow your team to sweep and scrub 100,000 to 200,000 square feet of floor per hour. No training is required for your cleaning crew, as these machines are easy to operate and are fitted with many safety features.

With just a single pass, you can pick up dust, debris, dirt, and have your floors scrubbed and dried in a cinch. In this way, your crew’s cleaning time is cut in half, without sacrificing the quality of work.

Benefits for the Environment

Apart from the efficiency and convenience delivered by industrial sweepers and scrubbers, your cleaning business can perform its duties with very minimal environmental impact. Most of these machines are now designed with green technology in mind, helping them conserve water and energy.

Thanks to high-performance dust filters built into the machines, every pass of your sweeper or scrubber makes the air more breathable and safe for everyone in the vicinity.

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