Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Tips on Prolonging the Life of Your Scrubbers

Unfortunately, like all other machines in your facility, your industrial floor cleaning machines won’t last forever. After several months of use, these machines will begin to act up and eventually break down. Fortunately, however, there are a number of ways to prolong their functional life.

Daily Maintenance

Maintenance is a no-brainer if you own any type of valuable equipment. Make sure to clean your floor cleaning machines after every use to prevent dirt and residue from contaminating the pads and turning them into a breeding ground for microorganisms. The moisture left undried may affect the functionality of some parts or cause steel-based components to rust in the long run.

Manufacturer’s Maintenance Plan

If you are not trained to clean, maintain, and repair an industrial floor cleaning machine, consider using the manufacturer’s fee-based extended maintenance services. This means a professional technician will come to check your machine on a regular basis. This way you can easily find any signs of damage that need immediate repair.

Proper Use

A lot of cases of malfunction are caused by improper use of the machine. This is why it is important that all your in-house janitors have read and understood the manual so that they can operate the machine with care.

The best equipment can be found in reputable supply stores. Before you decide which brand to purchase, visit the store and have a look around. Check out the variety of units they are selling and what unique features each one has. Most trusted stores will even allow you to try the machines in their facility so that you can see how they operate. This way you can make a better choice.

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